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This is a collection of some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers. If you do not find your question and answer, please do not hesitate to contact the court at (940)668.4750.

Q: When is the court open?

A: Except for holidays and scheduled events, the court is open Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (the court is closed for lunch 12:00 p.m. till 1:00 p.m.).

Q: Can I pay my fine at the counter (Public Safety Building) and not see the Judge?

A: You may pay most fines at the counter without seeing the Judge unless you are a juvenile. (All juveniles must go before the Judge) All Minor alcohol related charges must appear before the Judge.

Q: How do I contest the charge filed against me?

A: Enter a Plea of Not Guilty and request a trial. This can be done in person or in writing (201 Santa Fe Gainesville, Texas 76240). This must be done within 15 days of the date of offense.

Q: I want to file charges on someone – how do I do that?

A: You will need to make a report with the police department and come to the court and fill out a citizen complaint. The prosecutor will review your complaint. If the prosecutor accepts the case, it will be filed and the defendant notified. You will be required to appear and testify in court if the case goes to trial.

Q: How do I keep traffic violations off my record?

A: You may take a Driving Safety Course (defensive driving) to keep it off your record, if you request a Driving Safety Course by the appearance date of your citation and you meet all the requirements.

Q: How do I file a small claims case?

A: Municipal Court does not have jurisdiction over civil cases. You need to file these in the Justice of the Peace office of your precinct. For Gainesville, this would be Judge Dorothy Lewis at the Cooke County Justice Center.

Q: How can I pay my fine?

A: The court at this time takes Cash, Money Order, Cashier's Check, Visa, Master Card and Personal Checks.

Q: What if I just ignore this citation and do not take care of it?

A: If you fail to contact the court and take care of your citation, an additional charge of Failure to Appear may be filed and a warrant for your arrest may be issued. This will mean extra fines and fees that you will have to pay, as well as possible arrest at your home or workplace